Can I Sign Bail – What is a Surety?

When one of our clients is accused of a crime and taken into custody, our first responsibility as criminal defence lawyers is to help that client get out on bail. A justice of the peace (JP) will usually decide whether or not to let an accused person out on bail through a bail hearing. The bail hearing is conducted in a criminal court house. At the bail hearing the JP will assess whether the accused should be let out on bail by considering three criteria: 1) If released, is the accused likely to appear in court or is he/she a “flight risk”? 2) If released, is the accused a danger to the community, the complainant or his or herself? 3) Is it contrary to the public interest that the accused is released? Would a decision to release the accused on bail “shock the community”? (This is often an issue with…

9 Jun 2009


8 Jun 2009

What is a Discharge? If you are charged with a criminal offence, the criminal defence lawyers at Kostman & Pyzer, Barristers will endeavor to help you avoid a criminal record.…

New Impaired Driving Laws

2 Jun 2009

The Ontario government has recently made some important changes to the laws governing impaired driving. At Kostman & Pyzer, we are often approached by individuals who have been charged with…