Is it a Crime to Count Cards?

Card counting is not a criminal offence in Canada. Card counting is a strategy used in casino card games and the Ontario Court of Justice has ruled that it is not cheating, therefore not illegal.  The goal of the strategy is to figure out whether the next hand will be favourable to the counter or the dealer. Card counting allows the counters to bet more with less risk when the count is determined to be an advantage. Conversely, it minimizes the losses of the counter where an unfavourable count is determined. The counter uses the observation during the game to assess the probability of a card.  In 1995 in R v Zalis, Christopher Zalis, Barbara Josephine Dancey and Karen Fraser Conroy were charged with the offence of cheating while they were playing blackjack at a Casino in Windsor on May 28, 1994. They were charged with section…

2 Aug 2016