What is a Crown Pre-Trial?

Once disclosure has been provided, counsel will need to discuss your case with the Crown.  In complex cases the discussion will require the presence of a judge.  These pre-trial discussions are called, “Crown Pre-trials” and “Judicial Pre-trials”. Early consultation between prosecution and defence counsel can play an important role in ensuring that the parties determine what issues can be agreed upon and which issues must be adjudicated at trial. A Crown pre-trial is a necessary step in the legal process, where your lawyer will have an informal discussion with the Crown about your case.  This meeting is also referred to as a “Crown Resolution Meeting”. If you have been charged, it is recommended that you have a lawyer conduct pre-trials to ensure your defence is not compromised. After meeting with the Crown, counsel will be able to advise you on whether it is better to make plea bargain or proceed…

1 Feb 2018