Great Result on Serious Sexual Assault Sentnecing Case

August 6, 2009

Kostman & Pyzer, Barristers, Toronto lawyer Jonathan Pyzer made news recently at the sentencing hearing of a young Toronto man convicted of violently sexually assaulting a woman he met in a Toronto night club. Mr. Pyzer, who represented the accused at the sentencing hearing, impressed Justice Hamilton of the Superior Court of Justice with his thoughtful approach to his sentencing submissions.

Mr. Pyzer suggested to Justice Hamilton that a sentence at the lower range of the sentencing spectrum would be appropriate given the nature of the offence and his client’s strong prospects for rehabilitation. Justice Hamilton was impressed by Mr. Pyzer’s astute ability to reconcile the disparate aspects of the case.

The Toronto Sun included an article on the case which commented on Mr. Pyzer’s role in achieving a fair sentence for the accused. The portion of Justice Hamilton’s decision where he refers to Mr. Pyzer is quoted in the Sun. “I don’t relish sending anyone to jail,” Justice Hamilton remarked, “I found Jonathan Pyzer to be refreshing…and I agree with his submission”. Justice Hamilton followed Mr. Pyzer’s recommendation, securing the accused the lowest possible sentence in the circumstances.

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