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We pride ourselves on our aggressive representation of our clients and our relentless commitment to success.
Ian Kostman - Toronto Defence Lawyers

Ian Kostman

Ian Kostman is a Toronto lawyer who has practised criminal law exclusively in the Greater Toronto Area since his call to the Ontario Bar in 1983. During his career, Mr. Kostman has defended criminal cases at all level of courts in the province of Ontario. Mr. Kostman is a goal-oriented criminal defence lawyer and an aggressive trial advocate who has a reputation for winning difficult cases. If a case cannot be resolved to a client’s satisfaction through negotiation, Mr. Kostman has the experience, intelligence, and talent of a proven litigator.

Jonathan Pyzer - Toronto Defence Lawyers

Jonathan Pyzer

Jonathan Pyzer is a Toronto lawyer who has exclusively practised criminal law in the Greater Toronto Area since his call to the Ontario Bar in 2002. As a skilled and dedicated criminal defence lawyer and trial advocate, Mr. Pyzer will aggressively pursue every viable legal defence on behalf of each client. Mr. Pyzer is a committed, passionate and intelligent negotiator and litigator. In his determination to safeguard the rights of the individual, Mr. Pyzer has successfully argued numerous Charter of Rights applications. Mr. Pyzer has successfully represented clients at every level of trial court in the province of Ontario, attempting to achieve the most favourable outcome possible. His experience and excellence are apparent in every case he defends.

At Kostman & Pyzer, we make “full answer and defence”.

Our lawyers bring an abundance of resources and thorough preparation to every case.
We will endeavor to raise every realistic defence available and pursue all viable technical arguments.

Our goal is the successful conclusion to every case. We understand that a criminal accusation can often be an overwhelming experience for the defendant, with significant social, psychological and economic ramifications. The confidence that our law firm inspires will ease the pressure of a criminal prosecution. At Kostman & Pyzer, we hold the presumption of innocence as sacrosanct. We offer effective legal representation, nothing less.

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