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Thank God for Ian Kostman. I was arrested at my home by the police and charged with Domestic Assault on my wife. I was forced to move out of my house and live with my relatives. My wife had previously threatened that I would never see my young children again. She was already living with someone else when my case came to trial. Although other lawyers suggested to me that I could plead guilty and still avoid a criminal record, Mr. Kostman fought for me. On the trial date I watched him skillfully examine my wife until it was obvious that she was lying. Even the Crown seemed to lose confidence in their case. Much appreciated. Thank you.
Mr. Pyzer represented me in relation to my charges of importing heroin and possession of heroin for the purposes of trafficking. These were very serious charges and I was informed that if I was convicted, the Crown Attorney’s Office would be asking the judge to send me to jail for eight to ten years. This was a difficult case and it took a very long time to complete. However, after approximately twenty-six months, Mr. Pyzer was successful in having the charges against me dismissed at Trial. He used his skills and expertise to bring an application at trial to have the drugs thrown out of evidence as a result of police misconduct and a breach of my rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Thanks to Mr. Pyzer, I still do not have a criminal record and I am at home with my wife and one year old son instead of in a jail cell for the next several years. I will be forever grateful for having a lawyer like Mr. Pyzer on my side.
Mr. Kostman acted as my counsel on a charge of Sexual Assault. I feel lucky that I found him. First he brought a successful application for my accuser’s counseling records. He spent a great deal of time preparing me for my testimony at trial. I am thankful that he did because the prosecutor’s examination was easy due to my preparation. It was obvious to me that Mr. Kostman was held in high regard by both the Crown Attorney and the Judge. His performance was excellent. I strongly recommend him.
I came to Jonathan Pyzer because I was arrested and charged for domestic assault. This was a crime that I did not do and I was falsely charged. Mr. Pyzer was able to get me a reasonable bail immediately and ultimately got my charges withdrawn. I would highly recommend Jonathan Pyzer, and his partner, Ian Kostman as they are dedicated, thorough, aggressive and delivered the results I was looking for.
I was referred to Mr. Kostman by my civil lawyer who referred to him as “the one”. Now I get it. When he walked into the courthouse, younger lawyers were approaching him for advice. He seemed to be on good terms with everyone, including the Judge and Crown He fought his heart out for me with skill and grace. And we won. I am so glad that I found him.
I used Jonathan Pyzer after I was accused of domestic assault. He was so competent and caring. I was incredibly anxious because I didn’t want to lose my job. He walked me through every step of the way and was always there when I needed him. He promptly returned calls and made me feel like I mattered. In the end, he was able to get rid of my charges.
Amy R.
I am a contractor. I need my driver’s license for work. I was arrested for D.U.I. and Drive Over 80. I was found sleeping in my motor vehicle in the middle of an intersection late at night. My car engine was running. I had fallen asleep. It seemed hopeless. Mr. Kostman successfully argued that I should never have been strip-searched and that the police were verbally abusive to me. From the first day I retained him until it was over, Mr. Kostman was in my corner. He always treated me with respect. I was impressed with the professional way that he handled himself in court. Thank you.
I would recommend Jonathon Pyzer without thinking twice. He is professional and knowledgeable; he cares about his clients and provides excellent advice. I always felt like I was in good hands.
I moved to Toronto only about 18 months ago but soon found myself in a serious predicament. I got involved with the law and was charged with several criminal offences. The penalty I was looking at if convicted was jail for sure. Somebody alerted me to the law firm of Kostman & Pyzer, Barristers. I contacted Jonathan Pyzer and he took my case on with a vengeance. I was fortunate to have him on my side. The case was involved and the first thing he did was get bail for me. I was not sure I would be released, but my lawyer made a strong argument and in the end, he succeeded in getting the crown not to oppose my release as long as I was willing to accept certain conditions. What I liked most about Jonathan Pyzer was that he was always straight with me and kept me aware of the various outcomes. He was very direct and candid with me and I appreciated that he was so honest with me and always kept me informed. When the trial came, I was more than worried as my case was not a strong one. But, Mr. Pyzer was able to poke holes in the testimony of the prosecution. When it came time for the defence, I did not have to take the stand and the judge ruled for me even without my saying a word. Thanks Jonathan Pyzer.
Sherman Denito
I am a grandmother with many grandchildren and recently I was charged with shoplifting. This may not seem too serious to many but for me, who had never been involved with the law before. I really have to say I was not prepared for this whole scenario right from the arrest, to the visit to the police station and then a trial eventually. My case was far from a good one but I did have a possible chance. I had never met a criminal lawyer before and all I knew was what I had seen on TV. I did not know what to do but my friends gave me a name of Jonathan Pyzer and I checked out his website and I was impressed. I called him and he was so reassuring. Still I was nervous and horrified that my crime might get known to people and in particular my own family. Well, Mr. Pyzer took over and he suggested that we might want to see if we could persuade the Crown to drop the charges and so we tried or at least he did. No luck. And so it was that we had to go to court not that very long ago. At last the day for the trial was approaching. And then, a day or two before the case came to court, Mr. Pyzer told me that he had settled the case and I was not going to have to appear and the charges were withdrawn. I had to undertake to enter into a rehabilitation program. I was ecstatic. I am so grateful to Mr. Pyzer. He really understood my particular situation and he was able to treat me with respect and attention.
I feel very lucky to have found Jonathan Pyzer. He reminded me that bad things sometimes happen to good people, and reassured me that he could get my charges dismissed, which he did. I would recommend his services to anyone.
I cannot say enough about Mr. Pyzer. In 2011 we required the services of a criminal lawyer to deal with a criminal offense charge for our son. Mr. Pyzer was able to explain everything to us in a straightforward and simple manner so we understood the law and our rights. He was compassionate, kind and always made me and husband feel comfortable and confident. In the end the case ended well for us and my son is, thankfully, back on track. I want to thank Mr. Pyzer for all is help and what he did for me and my family and would tell anybody in a serious way who needs a lawyer to use him.
Effrem Pozner
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