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Pyzer Criminal Lawyers Reviews

mike szymanski
April 14, 2023

Mr pyzer really gotten out of a jam that only did he get the case closed very quickly. He also got me a conditional sentence which I didn’t think was even possible. Much appreciated. Do not hesitate. He has great communication and gets the job done. Definitely call him up if you need a lawyer!!!

Najma Awale
March 31, 2023

Amazing lawyer and I would recommend for anyone!!!

March 27, 2023

In Dec of 2021, I was arrested on a weapons dangerous charge in relation to a road altercation. Needing immediate legal representation, I searched online and was supremely fortunate to find Mr. Pyzer. As a point of reference, I had been arrested and charged on an unrelated but serious offense, thirteen years earlier. That said, this new offense had me concerned, for my and my family’s welfare. All of which might be in jeopardy if this charge was not, somehow withdrawn. The very first day that Mr. Pyzer spoke with me, he requested that I call him by his first name. It immediately put me at ease. He kept the focus of my thinking positive. He was very knowledgeable, clear and concise in all his communication. He was timely, professional, and genuinely assuring. In short, he cares, and it shows. Fast forward approximately 5 ½ months from the date of my arrest and Mr. Pyzer informed me, that my charge was to be withdrawn! Through his efforts, there is no record, no conditions, nothing! As an outcome, this was the best-case scenario that we were aiming to obtain. I cannot Thank You enough for what you have done for me and my family! I am forever grateful to you, Mr. Jonathan Pyzer. K. Cameron

Jade Mission
March 13, 2023

Jonathan Pyzer is Effecient , trustworthy and oustanding Lawyer. I am grateful for his excellence service. . Thank you Jonathan .

christal Gordon
March 8, 2023

Jonathan Pyzer was very reliable, very professional and empathetic towards my situation. He communicated with me continuously and provided me with updates which provided an ease of mind. He definitely know what he his doing and I would recommend his organization/ service to anyone who asked.

dejha vassell
February 27, 2023

Jonathan is a great lawyer gives you reassurance when you’re loosing faith. Got my charges dropped faster than I expected and I truly appreciate it! Thank you so much again Jonathan.

Shobana Ravichandran
February 8, 2023

Jonathan Pyzer is the best criminal lawyer one could hire to save his/her life! He is extremely detail-oriented, top-notch-professional and highly intelligent with inspiring Integrity and empathetic. He clearly laid out a great strategy to achieve a best possible result in my difficult situation! If not him, it would not have been possible for anyone else! His defence at my trial was extraordinary and unbeatable! I m incredibly grateful for all his good work and will recommend him in a blink of an eye to anyone who needs a good defence lawyer to deal with any life serious situation! Am relieved and smiling all now because of him! Thank you Jonathan ! U are incredibly awesome and Thanks again for winning my case!

Vil TheFuture
February 8, 2023
Alexander Sigal
February 8, 2023

Best of the Best!!!Mr Jonathan Pyzer thank you very much! You are best Criminal Attorney Excellent great Lawyer who worked very hard on my youth daughter case to get it done!. He is very professional and one of the best in the game.He believed in my daughter and achieved best results even tho we had a difficult case. Highly recommended to anyone who need hard working attorney. I’m very pleased with his service and professionalism! Thank you Jonathan 🙏

William Yates
January 30, 2023

Solid representation and knowledgeable research. Thanks Johnathan

Luís Filipe
January 27, 2023

Jonathan saved my future.

January 10, 2023

Jonathan M. Pyzer. I would 100% recommend to anyone need help. Mr Jonathan is brave honest criminal lawyer and very professional. Guided me through the process step by step and helped cleared my family member case.

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