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Toronto Defence Lawyers’ Fees and Payment Information

Although hiring a criminal lawyer can sometimes be an expensive investment, not hiring a good criminal lawyer may have devastating implications to your life and livelihood, and may potentially result in a criminal record, a jail sentence and/or serious restrictions on your liberty.

When facing something as serious as a criminal charge, it’s essential that accused persons hire a trusted and reputable defence team to ensure they get the best results possible.

Our firm typically works on a block fee basis rather than on an hourly rate. Our experience has taught us that our clients want to know, in advance, how much their case is going to cost them, and our block fee structure provide our clients with the certainty they are looking for.

We have also found that this allows for better communication between our law firm and our clients, as neither the lawyer nor the client is watching the clock to determine how much each conversation will cost.

How will the Cost of my Case be Determined?

Each case is different, and our block fees are tailored to each specific case depending on the complexities involved.

Factors that are taken into account include:

  • The seriousness of the allegations
  • Estimated length of time to resolve the matter
  • The unique complexities of each case, such as Charter applications

Book a Free Consultation with the Toronto Defence Lawyers Team

Before quoting a block fee, clients typically attend our office for a free consultation.

During this consultation, a client will meet with one of our partners, free of charge, to review the allegations they are facing and to hear our strategy to successfully defend your case. By the end of this meeting, one of our lawyers will be in a position to quote you a block fee for all of their services, including preparing your defence and court appearances.

Affording a Successful Defence Team

Experienced and competent legal representation can be expensive. Similar to doctors and other professionals, top industry experts gain their status through a highly reputable career of successful cases and positive results. Pyzer Criminal Lawyers have earned their reputation as two of Ontario’s best criminal defence attorneys.

Top criminal lawyers are paid legal fees commensurate with the important and difficult work that they do. However, we do recognize that our clients have not typically budgeted for the emergency situation they have found themselves in as a result of the criminal charges. We do offer payment plans, payable over the life of the case, to help ease the financial burden of hiring a Criminal Law Firm In Toronto.

Legal Aid and Pro Bono Criminal Defence Representation in Ontario

We do accept Legal Aid Certificates in more serious cases. If you qualify for Legal Aid, please contact our office to see if your case is something that we may assist you with. Pyzer Criminal Lawyers also do a great deal of pro bono work as a contribution to the community. The average client would not typically qualify for pro bono services. Ordinarily, these cases are referred to us by various social service agencies.

What Forms of Payment are Available?

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers accepts various forms of payment including:

  • Credit card
  • Personal cheques
  • Certified cheques
  • Money order
  • Cash

Our standard procedure includes a client providing a retainer (deposit) to hire our law firm, followed by periodic payments until the fees are paid in full.

For more information about available payment options or to get a quote for your case, contact the Toronto Defence Lawyers office and schedule a free consultation today.

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