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Do not plead guilty to a property-related offence such as theft, fraud or possession of stolen property, until you consult with a Toronto criminal lawyer at Pyzer Criminal Lawyers. Pleading guilty may result in some short-term gain but can have very negative implications in the long term. A criminal record may destroy a person’s ability to find employment or to travel outside of Canada. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we fight aggressively to limit the impact of any criminal accusation on your future.

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Call us at (416) 658-1818 for a free case evaluation immediately if you have been charged with a property-related offence as we can advise you of your options.

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Pyzer Criminal Layers have successfully defended numerous property-related offences including shoplifting, theft, possession of stolen property, fraud, forgery, uttering forged documents, using stolen credit cards and robbery. Our firm has extensive experience in these areas of law. We will raise every possible and realistic defence at your disposal with the goal of successfully resolving your case.

We fight for your rights and we fight to win!

As with all criminal offences, the Crown Attorney must prove that the accused was:

(a) The one who acted
(b) That the accused intended to cause that action (actusreus), and
(c) That the accused had a guilty mind or guilty knowledge (mens rea).

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers has a strong record for successfully defending our clients against allegations of property related offences. We have successfully defended these allegations, relying on defences of intoxication, frailties in the identification procedure, a lack of guilty knowledge, and by challenging evidence which was obtained in contravention of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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