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How Can a Criminal Lawyer Help if You’re Found Guilty?

Being found guilty of a criminal offence will change your life forever. A criminal record holds serious consequences. It may result in the loss of your liberty, leading to a jail sentence. It can affect your employment, causing the loss of your current job and hindering future employment opportunities. Particularly for individuals in Canada, your status may be affected, potentially leading to deportation.

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Consulting an Experienced Criminal Lawyer Before Pleading Guilty

Before you decide to plead guilty to a criminal offence, you must consult our experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyers. Pleading guilty is your last resort, as our main focus on your case will be to have your charges either withdrawn or dismissed at the trial. Nothing is more crucial than making sure your case is handled correctly from the beginning. 

Even though the Crown’s case may seemingly appear strong on paper, our skilled criminal lawyers, with their training and experience, have the competence to expose the weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

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We Offer Comprehensive Legal Representation for Your Criminal Case

Our firm prioritizes your case from the onset, ensuring it is handled correctly. We strive to obtain bail with the least onerous restrictions possible for you. It is important to us to aggressively assert your right to a trial within a reasonable time frame. We devote our time to drafting detailed requests for disclosure in a timely manner. More than that, we seek to flesh out your side of the story compellingly. 

We gather evidence to establish that you did not commit the offence. We develop an effective Crown pre-trial conference strategy to have your charges withdrawn. We organize and present your defence coherently before the Judge. We raise every possible defence on your behalf. This includes defences you may not have even considered or be aware of. 

We strive to advance every viable technical argument with an effort to successfully defend your case. We aggressively advocate for you from the moment we receive that first telephone call until the case reaches its completion.

Proven Excellence in Criminal Defense Representation

Our firm's rich experience, solid reputation, and competence in the field are specifically designed to alleviate the stress, fear, and frustration that often come with a criminal charge. Our practice areas are exclusively dedicated to criminal law. 

Our legal team comes with a collective experience of over 20 years as trial lawyers in the criminal law arena. Over the years, we have successfully defended thousands of cases, representing each of our clients as passionately as we would our siblings.

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