How to Find the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer Near You

Finding the right criminal lawyer for your case is an important task. You need to find a lawyer who has experience navigating the unique facets of your case and with whom you can develop a positive working relationship. 

With so many great lawyers to choose from, it can be difficult to understand how to find the best criminal lawyer in Toronto. In this article, we will walk you through some tips and tricks for finding the best lawyer including what to look out for, where to search, and covering frequently asked questions we have received.

What Should You Look For in a Defence Lawyer?

Before you can find the right criminal defence lawyer for your case, you need to know what to look out for. Here are a few things to consider:

A Focused Approach

The law is rapidly evolving every day. Keeping up with the changing legislation and case law requires a focused approach. 

Many law firms practice in a wide variety of fields such as real estate, family, and criminal law. However, these firms may be dividing resources between these areas so that no specific practice area is truly receiving all of the focus of the firm. 

We recommend looking for a law firm that focuses entirely on criminal law. This ensures that the entire resources of the firm are devoted to this area of the law. 

A Proven Track Record

While past success in a case is no guarantee of specific results for your case, it is important to review the track record of the lawyer to understand what kind of success they have been able to achieve in similar cases to your own. Just as you wouldn’t want your car serviced by a mechanic on their first day in the industry, you should select a lawyer who is seasoned in the field of criminal law. 

This experience helps to ensure that every minute spent working on your case is backed by the efficiency developed over years of experience. 

Friendly and Communicative Lawyers

Above all, you need to sit down and have a conversation with your prospective lawyer to see if their personality fits with your own. 

Not every lawyer is right for every client. Each lawyer has their own communication style and approach. Booking a free consultation with the lawyer will help you get a sense of whether they are a good fit for your case. 

Why Should You Look for the Best Defence Lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area?

When you are involved with criminal charges, your lawyer will need to appear in court to represent you. This will include appearances to request disclosure, conduct pre-trial meetings with the Crown, and may include conducting a trial. Each of these steps requires a physical presence in the courtroom in which your charges are being heard. 

If you are charged with a criminal offence in the Greater Toronto Area, then you need to find an experienced and reliable defence lawyer near me. Lawyers outside of this region may charge you for their time to travel to the GTA if they are not located there. 

As well, the Greater Toronto Area boasts some of the highest calibre criminal defence lawyers in the province. In an intensely competitive legal environment, you have access to lawyers who know what it takes to deliver the best results in your case. 

Tips on Finding the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer Near You

Here are some tips for finding the best criminal defence lawyer in your area:

Read Reviews

Nothing is more helpful than hearing about the experiences that others have had with a law firm. You may have a good first impression after booking a consultation, but you should always take a look at recent reviews of the firm to get a sense of how satisfied clients have been and what comments have been shared online about the firm. These reviews also help to show how many years the firm has been practicing. 

Browse Case Summaries

Many law firms provide a directory of recent case summaries to document the results they have been able to achieve. Every case is unique and no firm can guarantee any results, but reviewing these case summaries will give you a sense of the experience you will receive if you retain the lawyer. 

Browse our recent case summaries to see how we've successfully represented clients in a variety of cases.

Qualities to Look For

Other important qualities include:

  • Responsive to your requests
  • Able to provide a detailed strategy for how they would suggest moving forward
  • Committed to your case and conducting all of the necessary prep work
  • Aggressively advocate on your behalf behalf, from the time you call, until such time as the case is over

Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring a Defence Lawyer Near You

What makes a criminal defence lawyer the best option for you?

A criminal defence lawyer is the best option for you if they are communicative to your requests, have a proven track record of results, are located near the courthouse in which your charges are being heard, and are committed to fearlessly defending your charges. When you are charged with an offence under the Provincial Offences Act or a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, a criminal defence lawyer should be the first call you make.

What experience should a criminal defence lawyer have?

A criminal lawyer should have sufficient experience in the particular criminal charges you are facing so that they are familiar with the elements of the offence, trial tactics, and available defences. This may range from just a few cases in the area to years of experience. Once you have explained the circumstances of your case to the lawyer you are thinking of retaining, they will likely provide an overview of their experience so you can get a sense of whether they are competent to handle the case.

It is the obligation of every Ontario lawyer to ensure they are not taking on cases in which they are not competent. As such, you should not worry too much about whether the lawyer has a specific amount of experience.

How much does the best defence lawyer cost?

The cost of a defence lawyer depends entirely on the charges you are facing, the complexity of the case, whether the case goes to trial, and several other factors. Once you have booked a free consultation and if the lawyer has drafted a retainer agreement for you to review, you will get a complete breakdown of the legal fees you can anticipate to pay depending on whether the case is resolved early, or if it goes to trial.

Keep in mind that the stakes are high when you are facing criminal charges. You do not want to necessarily choose the cheapest lawyer available. While an experienced lawyer may be more expensive, they will be more efficient with the time spent on your case and you will have the benefit of their experience in crafting the strategy for your situation.

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Our case summaries and testimonials speak to our expertise and commitment to advocating for your rights. 

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