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The criminal offences of robbery and theft both involve the taking of another’s property by a perpetrator. Allegations of theft and robbery range from the simple snatching of a purse or wallet, to more serious offences like bank robbery, using firearms or other dangerous weapons.

Robbery and theft are serious allegations and because of this, it is important to be represented by an experienced criminal defence lawyer if you intend to fight the allegations.

At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we have over 35 years of experience defending robbery and theft allegations, with a strong record of success. Read our clients’ testimonials regarding our successful defences of robbery and theft allegations here.

Our office will help you pursue every viable defence against your robbery and theft allegations to the furthest extent possible.

If you are facing theft and/or robbery criminal charges contact Pyzer Criminal Lawyers for aggressive and effective representation!

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Experienced Robbery and Theft Lawyers

Robbery and theft are very serious allegations and defending such charges may involve very complicated legal problems. Simply being innocent of the allegations may not be sufficient to guarantee you will found innocent by the court.

One of our experienced criminal lawyers can significantly improve your chances of having the charges against you withdrawn or acquitted. With Pyzer Criminal Lawyers you will be represented by a skilled practitioner with significant experience in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice defending robbery and theft allegations.

Making a full answer and defence to your criminal charges is our highest priority. The Canadian criminal justice system can be a confusing place for anyone charged with robbery. Let us guide you through the process.

We provide a free consultation and will discuss how to get the best possible results for your case and the fees for our services.

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A Track Record of Success in Robbery and Theft Charges

A criminal defence lawyer at Pyzer Criminal Law has the experience needed to successfully defend your robbery charge. Take a look at these recent cases we defended:

R. v. B.P.

B.P. was charged with one count of theft under $5,000. It was alleged that she entered Hudson's Bay Company and stole a $40.00 scarf.

Mr. Pyzer was successful in having B.P.,’s charge dealt with by way of diversion. Thus, upon completing the diversion program that consisted of a charitable donation and a letter of apology, the charge against B.P. was withdrawn at the request of the crown attorney’s office. As such, B.P. does not have a criminal record as a result of this incident.

R. v. K.D.

K.D., a young offender was charged with one count of theft under $5,000. The allegations against K.D. were that she was observed by security at a Walmart store to conceal a number of items on her person and then leave the store without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise concealed on her person. K.D. was stopped by security, escorted back into the store, subsequently investigated by police and charged with the offence of theft under $5,000. The value of the items taken was $114.63.

Mr. Pyzer represented K.D. and was successful in having the charge against her withdrawn prior to a trial. There was no admission of guilt made by K.D., and as such she does not have a criminal record as a result of this charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Theft?

The criminal offence of robbery can be committed in several ways. Section 343 of the Criminal Code of Canada outlines four different ways in which robbery can be committed.

Robbery is essentially a theft involving the application of force by the perpetrator. The accused does not need to have used significant force in order to be charged with robbery. For example, it may be sufficient to establish that there was merely threats of violence in combination with theft to determine that one is guilty of robbery.

Section 343(b) describes specific acts of violence or threats, which will raise the offence of theft to robbery if the alleged violence took place at a time proximate to that of the theft.

What Is the Punishment for Theft in Canada?

The potential punishment for robbery or theft depends on the circumstances of the offence. The robbery charges could result in a fine of up to 10 years imprisonment depending on the circumstances. A robbery lawyer can help to navigate the criminal justice system to ensure the best chance of no criminal record being registered.

Contact a criminal lawyer today to ensure your robbery charges are handled in the best possible way.

What Are the Potential Defences for Robbery and Theft?

Criminal accusations of theft and/or robbery can be challenged on the basis that the prosecution has failed to prove that the defendant was the person who committed the robbery. There are several methods of casting doubt on the identification evidence. For instance, the defence may challenge the identification procedures followed by the police- the lack of a proper photo-lineup, or contamination where an eyewitness’ collaborates with other eyewitnesses.

At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we will come up with creative defence strategies tailored to fight the evidence against you.

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