Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

What is a Criminal Lawyer?

If you haven’t dealt with many lawyers in your life, you may not know what a criminal lawyer is and how they differ from other lawyers. Criminal defence lawyers are the kind of lawyers you often see on TV and in the movies. They are primarily focused on defending someone accused of a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada or a regulatory offence under the Provincial Offences Act

As you are likely aware, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction. The Crown counsel is responsible for proving beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual has committed the offence they are accused of and that all of the essential elements of the offence have been established. 

The role of the criminal lawyer is to defend an accused person in court by proving that they did not commit the offence, or they have a reasonable defence in so far as why they committed the offence. 

What Type of Representation Does a Criminal Lawyer Provide?

In defending a person accused with a crime, a criminal lawyer will perform many hours of difficult work behind the scenes. This includes:

  • Legal research
  • Reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses
  • Negotiating with the Crown
  • Attending court
  • Preparing pleadings for trial
  • Conducting a trial

A criminal lawyer who specializes only in criminal lawyer will have the ability to defend against a wide variety of criminal charges such as:

  • Assault
  • DUI and driving offences
  • Break and enter
  • Drug possession and other drug charges
  • Theft and fraud
  • Manslaughter and murder

Top Considerations for Hiring a Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

Now that you understand what a criminal lawyer is and how you can help, here are a few tips to help choose the best criminal lawyer for your case:

Guarantees and Promises

The reality is, no lawyer can or should make promises about the guarantee of any particular outcome in your case. Recommendations may be made based on similar cases in similar circumstances, but no two cases are ever the same. 

Evidence will be unique and the exact circumstances will always differ in some way. This makes it impossible to know exactly what the outcome will be. Be wary of any lawyer who makes promises you know they can’t possibly keep. 

Track Record of Success

When reviewing lawyers, pay close attention to testimonials and recent case summaries to get a sense of how long the lawyer has been practicing and what experience they have defending individuals charged with similar criminal offences to your own. 

Our experienced criminal defence lawyers has dozens of recent case summaries for you to review so that you know that we are experienced and competent criminal lawyers. Here’s an example:


P.K., was charged with one count of mischief under $5,000. The allegations against P.K., were that following an evening of drinking, he smashed the windshield of a green honda civic by elbowing the windshield. P.K., was seen to attempt to flee the scene however he was apprehended by members of the york regional police service within meters of the offence. Mr. Pyzer represented P.K., and was successful in having the charge against him withdrawn. As such, P.K., made no admission of guilt in relation to these allegations and has no criminal record as a result of this charge.

These summaries give you a sense of how hard we work to defend the rights of every one of our valued clients. 

Costs of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer is an expensive proposition. The stakes are high when it comes to defending your rights, and the practice of law involves a high liability on our part to get things right. This takes years of experience to develop, and our fees are commensurate with that experience.

That being said, we do everything possible to keep our legal fees manageable and we set out our fees at the beginning of the relationship so there are no surprises. 

Depending on the case, block fees are generally most common in Toronto criminal cases. In our experience, our clients prefer this approach as we will devote all time necessary to a proper legal defence without having to worry about accounting for every minute spent working on the case.

You can learn more about the legal fees we charge.

What Makes the Best Toronto Criminal Lawyer?

Our firm provides clients with the best criminal lawyer in Toronto by vigorously defending your criminal charges, raising every available defence, and representing you as if you were our own brother or sister. We accomplish this by:

  • Obtain bail with the least onerous restrictions possible
  • Aggressively assert your right to a trial within a reasonable time
  • Draft timely detailed requests for disclosure
  • Flesh out your side of the story
  • Gather evidence that proves you did not commit the offence
  • Develop a Crown pre-trial conference strategy designed to have your charges withdrawn
  • Organize your defence and present your story to the Judge
  • Raise every possible defence on your behalf, including defences you may not have considered or be aware of
  • Advance every viable technical argument in an effort to successfully defend your case
  • Aggressively advocate on your behalf behalf, from the time we receive that first telephone call from you, until such time as the case is is over

This process involves crafting a winning legal strategy from day one. This all starts by booking a free case evaluation with your team.

Get a Free Case Evaluation

We encourage you to contact us today to book a free case consultation. This is the best way for you to learn about us and how we can help in your case. 

At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, our initial free consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes. This time is spent reviewing the charge(s) and allegation(s) against you with one of our lawyers, explaining how the criminal court process works and what to expect as your criminal case moves through the system. 

Criminal law matters can be quite complex, so our practice is devoted to explaining the steps in a clear and easy to understand way.

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