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About Our Toronto Law Firm

When you are charged with a criminal offence, your first call should be to a trusted criminal defence lawyer. At Pyzer Criminal Law, our law firm is committed to vigorously defending your rights. Our legal services are designed from the ground up to be affordable and focused on achieving the best outcome in your case.

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Experienced Toronto Criminal Lawyers

When you’re charged with a criminal offence, the best decision you can make is to hire an experienced criminal lawyer in Toronto to defend you. Retaining our team at the earliest possible opportunity allows us to start working on a positive outcome for your charges.
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Your Case Deserves the Best Defence Lawyers

Criminal cases can be complicated, and putting together a strong defence means addressing all aspects of your case with detail and attention. Our firm focuses on making the steps required to form a strong defence clear and easy for you to understand. Contact us today to get started.
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Hire Criminal Defence Lawyers Near You

Your lawyer may need to attend court to request disclosure, conduct pre-trial meetings with the Crown, or conduct a trial. Hiring the best criminal defence lawyer in Toronto means you secure a strong defence, that can have a physical presence in the courtroom in which your charges are being heard.
best criminal lawyers in toronto

Your Case Deserves the Best Defence Lawyers

Our firm has a high success rate with cases because we vigorously defend every case as if we were defending our very own brother or sister. We do this by crafting a winning legal strategy starting day one. It starts with scheduling a free case evaluation with our team. Contact us today and get your winning strategy started.

Speak to Us First

Whether you need a trial lawyer, or assistance negotiating the least restrictive bail conditions, our experienced team is here to assist you. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help by booking a free case consultation. 

Pyzer Criminal Law has hundreds of 5 star reviews and dozens of published case summaries showcasing the success we have had in other cases. That’s why we are known by many as the best defence lawyers in Toronto. 

As a criminal lawyer in Toronto, our mission is simple: defend every one of our clients as if they were our own brother or sister. This mission demands the highest levels of thorough research, preparation, and commitment to consummate legal advice in every step of your case. If you are ready to experience why people call us the best criminal lawyer in Toronto, give us a call today.

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