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Accessory After the Fact


D.G., was charged with accessory to murder after the fact. D.G., was alleged to have been present while a plan to complete a robbery took place. During the course of the robbery, an individual was shot and killed by a handgun. Sometime afterwards and that same evening, one of the alleged murderers returned to the apartment where D.G., was and advised him they had gone to do something and it had gotten messed up. It involved a shooting and that the police would be looking for three suspects. D.G., was alleged to have vacuumed the get-away car that was used in the murder and provided one of the perpetrators with a sum of cash to assist him in his escape from police detection. Mr. Pyzer represented D.G., and prior to setting the matter down for a Preliminary Inquiry, the matter was resolved by way of a guilty plea to the much less serious offence of obstruct justice and the charge of accessory to murder after the fact was withdrawn at the request of the Crown Attorney’s Office.

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