Weapons Related Offences


R.C., was charged with threatening bodily harm and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. The allegations against R.C., were that during the course of an altercation she held a knife to the complainant’s face and threatened to kill her. Mr. Pyzer represented R.C., and was successful in having the charges against her withdrawn prior to trial. As such there was no finding if guilt in relation to these allegations and R.C., have criminal records as a result of this incident.


The accused, J.M. was charged with one count of possession of a heroin for the purposes of trafficking, possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of proceeds of a crime and carrying a concealed weapon. J.M. had been under police investigation following two confidential source tips identifying the accused. It was alleged that while the police were conducting surveillance of the accused, they observed hand-to-hand transactions between J.M. and two separate individuals. The police proceeded to search the accused and his car, allegedly finding a quantity of heroin in separate bags, brass knuckles and a quantity of money on the accused. Jonathan Pyzer represented the J.M. and was successful at having all the charges against him stayed and his trial dates vacated. Mr. Pyzer was able to exploit issues with the police investigation of J.M. and delays with the Crown providing evidence against J.M. to his advantage. As a result he was able to persuade the Crown not to pursue the charges against J.M.


The accused, Z.A. and the complainant had been in a romantic relationship for approximately one year when an incident occurred that lead to criminal charges being laid against the accused. A.Z. was charged with two counts of assault and one count of assault with a weapon. The couple had a tumultuous history. Previous to this incident the accused had recently moved out of their shared apartment following an argument. On the evening of the incident, the complainant made arrangements with some friends to attend the nightclub where the accused worked. According to the complainant, when the accused learned of her plans that evening he became very angry.  It was alleged that an argument ensued during which the accused became violent, punching the complainant on both arms, pushing her into the closet, causing it to break. Allegedly the complainant had then run away form the accused into the bedroom, and had lay down in the bed. The accused followed her into the bedroom and squeezed her ankles until they hurt. Allegedly when he let go, he had picked up the victims phone and computer and threatened to throw them over the balcony if she called the police. The complainant later advised police that during their argument, the accused had made her pull down her pants, saying that she deserved a spanking. She claimed she had fearfully complied and that the accused slapped her repeatedly on the behind. According to her, Z.A. also at some point held a cheese knife to her face, threatening to cut out her teeth. The incident ended with the accused leaving the apartment. The complainant did not call the police. According to the complainant a subsequent incident occurred several days later, when the accused shoved his fingers into the complainant’s mouth and banged her head off of the floor. Following which, the complainant called her parents. Her father subsequently reported the incidents to the police. The complainant suffered bruising to her legs, arms and back, and a cut on her lip. Jonathan Pyzer represented A.Z. and was successful at having all the charges against him withdrawn. Initially when Mr. Pyzer asked the crown to consider withdrawing the charges during pre-trial discussions, they refused. After the Judicial Pre-trial, where the judge agreed with Jonathan’s position, there was discussion about a peace bond a withdrawal. The complainant was not agreeable to a peace bond. Jonathan Pyzer was able to convince the Crown to withdraw the charges without a peace bond, not only allowing the accused to avoid a criminal record but also to avoid taking any responsibility for the incidents. 

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