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Do not plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance before you consult with a defence lawyer at Kostman & Pyzer. Our firm has successfully defended numerous types of drug offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act ranging from simple possession of a drug for one’s own personal use, to possession of drugs for the purpose of cultivation, trafficking or trafficking in drugs. In addition, we have also successfully defended numerous “conspiracy” drug charges.

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Experienced Drug Lawyer Toronto

We realize all criminal allegations are serious to the person who is charged and their families. We defend all types of drug offences, from the young person caught with some marijuana for his personal use to more serious drug conspiracy cases involving harder drugs, like heroin or cocaine. Our law firm has extensive experience in this area of law as well as fraud and theft.

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To defend drug related charges we can:

  • Raise every possible and realistic defence at your disposal. There may be a defence, technical or otherwise, that is available to you that only our skilled and experienced practitioners are able to identify which can lead to a successful conclusion of your case.
  • Challenge evidence, in certain circumstances, that was obtained by arguing that our client’s basic rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms were infringed, and that the evidence obtained should be excluded or suppressed.
  • Utilize Charter of Rights applications to exclude evidence based on arbitrary stops and illegal searches. Charges may be “stayed” pursuant to the Charter due to “unreasonable delay”, the delay between the date of the offence and the trial date. Search warrants may be challenged on the basis that the underlying information provided to a judge in support of the warrant was inaccurate or misleading. Searches may be challenged on the basis that the police lacked reasonable grounds to believe that a particular drug was present or that the police acted without a warrant.

Every drug case offers its own particular array of possible defences, including lack of knowledge of the presence of the drug and a lack of evidence on the issue of control of the drug. In certain cases, one may be able to argue that if the drug is not in plain view, and if a number of individuals are in a position to exercise control over the drug, it is impossible (proof beyond a reasonable doubt) to impute possession to a particular individual. These are all issues that may be raised at trial.

At Kostman and Pyzer, Barristers, we have the experience and resources to identify viable defences and Charter of Rights challenges available in a particular case, and we have the skill to successfully raise these issues at your trial.

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